Knowledge Leadership is crucial to success in organisations that are themselves knowledge leaders. It is essential that expert performers become leaders who not only know how to lead but who know how to inspire their expert people and where to take their expert organisations. Leadership requires both Transition Expertise and Transformational behaviours. Yet progressions  from expert doers to leaders can be some of the most difficult.

Transition Leadership

Leaders who are fluent in change and comforable in transitions will usher in the future of this complex, globally networked world. These are the leaders who learn in the midst of rapid change, are unbound by old habits or solutions and who are sensitive to their organisation, their people and their environment.

Leaders recognise their own abilities and build the skills required for effective change and progression in existing teams and when integrating new team members. This will sustain the resource pool in their organisation. Transition Leaders will demonstrate key elements of Transition Expertise when confronted with changing circumstances. They will transfer knowledge from previous experiences to new ones and make the right short-term decisions and set congruent long-term strategies.  They will demonstrate the appropriate personal intelligence with their people and stakeholders and will be personally resilient in the face of challenges.

Transformational Leadership

Transformational Leadership distinguishes the outstanding leader from the competent manager. We grow managers into Transformational leaders: people who  maintain their values with confidence and integrity and generate motivation by translating vision into action. They will support the personal development of their people while creating a lively no-blame culture.

Our highly validated research shows a direct correlation between Transformational Leadership and enhanced corporate effectiveness. Our combination of targeted development programmes, 360° feedback and performance coaching help leaders attain optimal performance both personally and organisationally.

Here are some of the issues and opportunities we work with:
  • How to enable subject Experts to transition successfully to Leaders so that momentum isn’t lost
  • How to lead change and navigate transitions with grace and authority
  • How to build transition resilience in teams and maintain motivation and high levels of performance during transitions
  • How to retain expert product and service knowledge when growing into leadership

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