Our Foundations

Identifying and applying expertise across-domains has been fundamental to our work for over 35 years. It has enabled us to understand and meet the challenges and opportunities facing elite performers, leaders, and teams. We draw upon knowledge and practice from all high performance domains and we know how to transfer it across a wide variety of fields from sport to business to music.
Sporting Bodymind was founded in 1979. It drew upon our experience of participation and coaching at international levels. It was underpinned by our skills as qualified psychologists. We pioneered applied psychology to enhance individual performance and team development in the field. We have remained at the forefront of working with Olympic teams, national associations, professional teams and elite individual performers from over 50 different fields in Europe and United States.

In the 1990’s we began to be invited to share our knowledge and experience in elite sport to help enhance business performance. We established SyCon and became known for our work with Team Development, Transformational Leadership, Executive Coaching and Talent Development throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas. We continued our cross-domain expansion through working with major faculties of music, dance and performance.

Transition Expertise from Sycon - The Sporting Bodymind Group
The importance of knowledge leadership, the changeability of the world economic context, and the increasing mobility in people’s careers led us to initiate an extensive research project on Transition Expertise. We identified the key characteristics of elite performers who make successful transitions throughout their career. We also identified the attributes of organisations that foster career progression, retain talent and enable senior executives to attain lifelong career potential.

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