Career progression and job transitions within or between organisations are essential part of all career paths. The opportunities for success and for failure are very real and will significantly affect personal achievements and business outcomes. 

Nowadays there is no such thing as a job for life and all of us will make many job moves and significant career changes over our working life. Moves due to hierarchical promotion, lateral moves, functional changes, organisational restructuring or mergers – all benefit from expert support.

Leaders want to bring their best performers forward into new positions with increased responsibility. Organisations need to retain and develop their expert performers. With appropriate coaching high-level performers can reduce confusion, maximise performance, minimise risk and attain their potential.

Career progression and developmental moves for key executives are always challenging and benefit hugely from proactive support.

Here are some of the issues and opportunities we work with:
  • How to retain high performers
  • How to enable smooth and empowering progression and development experiences
  • How to prepare for a career move or job change
  • How to thrive not just survive through organisational change programmes.
  • How to chart a course expertly through the currents of change.
  • How organisations can best prepare executives for new roles and promotions/successions so that momentum isn’t lost and executives maintain high performance

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Participating in the SyCon Transformational Leadership programme undoubtedly made me a more effective manager of both myself and my staff. As a result of the training I feel that I communicate more effectively, that meetings I manage go more smoothly and that I solve problems in a more logical and efficient way. The ‘quality culture’ sold by SyCon is practicable and applicable to every day work situations; it is great fun to do and the payback for me was immediate.
David FloryDirector of FinanceNorthern Regional Health Authority
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