Assessment –
Transition Expertise Profile (TEP)

Developed directly from ground-breaking research, the Transition Expertise Profile is research-based,  personalised, in-depth and delivered face to face for maximum understanding, integration and utilisation. The TE Profile can be used to assess the abilities of members of a high potential talent pool to make transitions or as a basis for coaching during transitions.

The profile shows:

This profile is the springboard for coaching and other approaches to develop skills and refine individual Transition Expertise.

Here are some of our services to support transitions:
  • In-depth personalised assessment and profile
  • Profiles for different levels and career stages
  • Individual and whole team profiles to assess team needs and development programmes
Where and when the profile could be used
  • Effective for the assessment and selection of senior executives for new roles where the capacity to transition well is a key factor
  • For supporting newly promoted executives. It can be used as an insightful analysis into the skills they will require to transition effectively and for targeting their subsequent development and coaching

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